I've gone years without buying music. I was ticked off at the music industry for suing their own customers, jacking up CD prices and complaining they're losing money. And for a while the only music downloads were restricted use.

Well, there are a few newer songs I like, and the current playlist of my radio stations is annoying me, and at least twice a day I'm finding the same song on two different stations and occasionally three stations simultaneously. :roll:

So I did a quick check on whether restriction-free MP3 purchases are available now. Yup, from Amazon, and they have an app I can use on my Droid. I can download them on the PC and transfer them to the Droid, also, but it's nice to be able to buy on the go and then copy it back to the PC.

So I spent $10-$20 today on music that I can play on any of my devices and as many devices as I want. Now I just need a better way of playing them in the car.

I guess I shouldn't complain. My car will play MP3's off of a CD, but for some reason they omitted the aux jack. Newer Hyundai's have them.

The FM transmitters give poor sound quality.

My brother has an aftermarket stereo with a USB jack on the front...just stick in a USB drive with MP3's and off it goes.

Update: Amazon has been emailing me multiple times a day for a while, and it's really getting on my nerves. Apparently when signing up for MP3 or Kindle or VOD it reactivated all the categories for "hey, look at this stuff you can buy". At least I have it turned off again. It was really hounding me about car audio deals since I bought the mounting kit.