I'm checking unused card accounts again. After login, Best Buy says "Error. Your account has recently been re-evaluated." Odd phrasing. I last logged in about 3 months ago.

Discover oddly still hasn't closed me of their own accord. In the past 9 or 10 years I've only activated it once and used it for a couple of gas stops because they happened to call and offer 5% off gas when I was about to move 900 miles via U-haul. I am about to overcome my resistance to calling them to close the account because I am getting really annoyed that they keep mailing me stuff. Stop it!!! They keep mailing those stupid checks, and I shred them because I'm afraid someone will intercept them and try to use them. I think it was them that once mailed me my pin out of the blue, unrequested, to try to spur me to stick it in an ATM. God I hate Discover.

As recently as a year ago I felt a need for some extra credit for emergency funds. I suppose I still should, but I have liquid assets available now, and my three now-preferred credit cards are getting enough use that none of them should be "re-evaluate"ing me. I guess it's time to finish off the unused credit cards.

Update: I couldn't find an online way to cancel Discover. You can cancel online access, but that doesn't sound like an account closure to me. I searched and found that many have complained that Discover endlessly hounds you when you try to close by phone, so I snail-mailed a letter compiled from a couple of internet suggestions:

Please cancel my service and close the above account immediately. No further fees or charges will be honored hereafter. Further, you are hereby instructed that I do not wish to be contacted by you regarding this irrevocable cancellation of service.

We'll see how that goes.

This post is an update to Replacing Credit Cards