It was $58.50

In January 2006 I managed to get two parking tickets in Austin, TX. Consecutive days, different rental cars. (One ticket before my wreck, one after.)

Two years and a week or two later I pulled the tickets out and started an online search on how much the things are going to cost me. I would hate to get arrested someday over a couple of stupid parking tickets! Not that they would come looking for me, but if I got pulled over and had a warrant for a parking ticket....

To my surprise I can pay the thing online. I searched by citation numbers fearing the late charges and whatever fees would be in the hundreds, but one was $39 and one was $19.50. As best as I can tell that's $15 + $4.50 late fee for the "early" (4:50pm) fine and $30 + $9 late fee for the "late" (5:08pm) fine.

Whew! $58.50 I can handle. And there's one less thing to be paranoid about next time I get pulled over or have a criminal history check for work. I remember a while back I searched Austin arrest warrants to see if I was listed (I wasn't), but apparently it didn't occur to me to search to see if the tickets could be paid online.