I decided to grab a free credit report from one agency to see what's going on according to them. I'll run another one after I think Discover is closed. HSBC Best Buy apparently shut me down in June, and I see that between my TV purchase and washer/dryer purchase I was closed...now that I think about it I did have to "reapply" (call and say "hey I want to buy this") when I bought my washer and dryer.

Best Buy was my last single-merchant card. It came in handy for then-big purchases for the no-interest financing. But I can't think of anything I would buy that I can't pay cash for now. $1k - $2k purchases for a large appliance or entertainment aren't a problem anymore. That is so cool! (Plus, long gone are the days when Best Buy had generally good prices.)

So Best Buy and Chase Amazon closed themselves. (Although Chase is constantly cluster-bombing my mailbox with card offers. Seriously?) I just mailed the "close my account and I don't want to talk about it" letter to Discover. That leaves my Wells Fargo MasterCard as the only inactive open account. It's my only MasterCard, but who takes only MasterCard? Their terms aren't impressive, but they never ticked me off. When I used them I found their ad-stuffed-envelopes annoying, but if I find myself using them again I'm sure I can go paperless. I'll have to reread my earlier ramblings and see if I ever thought of a particular reason to close or keep the WFMC.

Wells Fargo apparently checks my credit monthly. As does AMEX, but I have 3 active cards with them. First USA (Chase Amazon) also checks me monthly.

October 6 update: I just got my email confirming my Discover card is closed! And I didn't have to talk to them on the phone and listen to their sales pitches.

I know it's silly, but I was so mad at them I didn't want to talk to them for years. But all I had to do was mail them.