At lunch yesterday one of my coworkers implied his wife would probably be upset if she knew he was going out to eat at lunch frequently. He said she'd never see it, though, because she doesn't see this credit card. I told him that it's okay because she probably has her secret credit card, too. ;) He was quite certain that was impossible. :roll:

Later on he spoke of how he was about to spend $2k to convert his car doors so they swing upwards like Lamborghini's instead of outward like normal cars. :???: So the wife would be upset about lunch but will be okay with the $2k in vanity car mods? I managed to not say anything about his wanting to do that even though I was thinking how completely wasteful that is. It's his money and life, not mine. And when I was younger I wanted fancy wheel rims and car accessories, too.

He said he wants a unique car, not the same thing everyone else is driving. I'm sure he has other mods in mind for his Mitsubishi Eclipse. (I don't think it's new; I'm not sure how old it is.) I did point out that I just bought a carbon copy knockoff of what everyone else is driving.

I guess we all waste money in our own ways, but $2k for funny doors that will probably decrease the resale value of your car? And it was extra funny to contrast that with his guilt for eating out for lunch.