I paid off my CC debt in June 2004 and paid off the car shortly after.

I quit my job again in 2006 to move back to TX to be closer to my niece and nephew(s). (Then one, now two.) Less-than-optimally I quit and moved without having a job lined up and then dragged my feet on going back to work, so I had a little debt again. Then I updated my car when it started having several more serious problems. I paid all that off again, in 2008 I think, and have maintained being debt free and building my savings.

Currently I am looking at buying a house since rates and prices are low, and I don't see being compelled to move in the next several years. I am contributing to a 401(k) and after-tax savings. My investments are largely on autopilot, and although I'm making progress I may not be able to retire until age 55 or so. I'm 40 now.

After working so hard and long to get out of debt I found it hard to start spending again, but I want to enjoy life now as well as when I retire. It took a while to figure out my balance between saving and spending.

I also find that sometimes I fretting too much about my savings and my job security. When I was in debt it was easier to make decisions on what to do with the money: pay down the debt. Now I have more freedom and sometimes worry too much about whether I'm making the best decisions. I have to remind myself that I am much better off with no debt and a few months of emergency funds than I was when I owed $30k and had only the 401(k) to fall back on if it came to that.

This is a summary update to Personal Financial Summary Age 32. This is a December 15, 2011 republication of my January 1, 2011 post on Early Retirement Forum.