Spammers keep getting more clever and sometimes cutesy.

I periodically check my web server logs to see what sites are linking to me. I've had two or three links from places that aren't really linking to my site but trying (successfully) to get my attention and get me to their site which sells things of potential interest to website owners.

The names of email spam have become more humorous lately. Some Example sender names:

  • Reproduce U. Unsightliest :lol:
  • Exemption O. Shutters
  • Pegs O. Enduing
  • Terrorist Q. Queerly :shock:
  • Springiness T. Really
  • Intuits C. Allots
  • Awaken D. Zola
  • Vegemite F. Undershooting :?:
  • Votive V. Stormier
  • Sphinx H. Sudetenland
  • Sweat I. Stormier
  • Coverall H. Squidding
  • Indent M. Aeration
  • Mestizos E. Vignette
  • Fruitiest T. Venial
  • Multifaceted L. Wigging
  • olivie cotton who sent me mail about "Re: Your life, tire retreader"

Why can't paper junk mail be this entertaining? Occasionally I get the suntan babe pics advertising...I forget...but those pics are usually too small.

Actually I think these are all the same spammer. I presume he/she's randomly generating names from a dictionary.

Every now and then I'll look inside one, but I have images and javascript turned off, and I only read the message source, anyway. The most persistent ones at home at work are all for the hot selling drugs or substitutes.

They are persistently managing to get past the corporate email spam scanners at work. Somebody's spending a lot of time and money on getting this stuff through. Whoever's buying this stuff through email links please STOP! If nobody bought through unsolicited email then it would be a waste of time.

I have multiple email accounts from multiple domains coming into one folder, so I can easily identify them when 3 or more of the same title with goofy sender names show up at the same time.

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