This Forbes article describes what's behind those call center disclaimers like "this call may be recorded for quality purposes." I always figured it was for legal CYA and post-call evaluation of customer service.

But no, there are computers that listen for key words and even mood to alert supervisors to listen in on the call to avoid losing a customer or employee.

Now I suppose this makes sense for the business, but from my point of view if I'm a calm, cooperative customer then I am continually sent to the back of the line with the rest of the cows. My general personality and demeanor is to behave nicely and cooperatiely and I seem to usually get issues resolved quickly; but now I'm starting to feel like if I don't huff and puff on the phone I'll be given poorer service. I don't call a company to chat, if I call I have an issue that needs attention.

I've never been a ranting lunatic, but I may start practicing so I can get better service in the future.

This post is a December 18, 2011 republication of my March 25, 2004 post at Early Retirement Forum.